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Unlock Your Violin's True Voice
Editors’ Notes

About the Pure Acoustic Product Range

The Skyinbow S1 is an affordable, lightweight and visually stunning range of 4/5-string violins and violas. It feels and plays like a traditional violin, using a regular bridge, fittings and strings. Its proprietary pick up design produces an extremely natural tone and yet enables it to be amplified to high volume levels, making it ideal for use with modern concert sound reinforcement systems and with other electronic instruments. In coming to the market with an established product line in Skyinbow, Pure Acoustic not only benefits from an established market but will rapidly develop a wider range of lower cost models, employing high quality industrial manufacturing techniques, to complement the top range handmade models.

The Skyinbow Pure Acoustic pickup range is a ‘market ready’ product range, derived directly from the advanced active modular preamplifier system originally developed for Skyinbow violins. The proprietary ‘piezo’ pickup is partnered with Pure Acoustic’s unique miniature electronic preamplifier design, to provide for the highly accurate, natural sounding amplification of a whole range of string instruments, including all kinds of acoustic guitars. These come in self-powered and phantom powered variants1. The pickups have a unique construction that accounts for their accuracy and the realism of their reproduction of the sound of an acoustic instrument. The methods whereby the pickup is fitted to an acoustic instrument are also unique. The pickup systems are already in initial production.

The Linnd (pronounced Lin-dee; from an old Shetland dialect word meaning Rest Ye) violin shoulder rest has been in development for two years, with Thomas working with Johnson on his revolutionary design. International patents are currently pending on the design. Uniquely, it provides stability of rest and instrument by enabling the rest to be fitted securely to the violin without over clamping the rest and dampening the tone of the instrument. This solves a perennial problem of all currently available rests, that they splay under playing pressure and fall off, unless clamped to a degree placing a constricting pressure on the instrument, that affects its sound. Johnson’s design solves the problem with a cross-member that resists splay under pressure, allowing the Linnd rest to be fitted loosely to the fiddle and to be acoustically neutral. The improvement in tone and volume, when using a Linnd rest is dramatically noticeable, both with extremely expensive and more modestly priced violins.

Business Projections

The company is conservatively projecting sales of almost £350k for 2011, rapidly rising to £870k in 2012 and almost £2m in 2013, with volume manufacturing of the Linnd rest accounting for more than 70 per cent of this turnover by 2013.

1. phantom power: is a method for transmitting electrical power (usually from a mixing desk) through audio connecting cables to operate microphones or other electro-acoustic devices that contain active electronic circuitry.

Pure Acoustic directors (L – R) Richard Gleave, Kenny Johnson and Robert Thomas

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Tel +44 7977 410 444
email pureacoustic@kgamarketing.com

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